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this is me trying to show off, please try to be very impressed


My name is Lorentz, and this is my website. I'm a computer engineer student at Luleå Tekniska Universitet who's graduating the spring of 2019. If you came across the site from the QR code on my reumé, I'm glad you checked it out! Now here's a wall of text about me, which I guess you can read if you want:

I'm never the best at anything, and I don't try to be. If you're the best, you can stop being the best. It's also very hard to be the best at something, and it's rather easy to be comfortably above average at the same thing, so I aim at the latter. Luckily I was born talented, so I often become moderately good at whatever I do anyway. In the long run I plan to make an impact on the world, that's plan a. If that fails, I'll simply buy a plot in the middle of nowhere and make a 2-3 meter high concrete statue of myself. On this statue I'll lie a shitton about my achievements, then people in like 20 000 years will believe I'm a legend or something anyway since any contradictory information will surely be less accurate than my bragging will be. Maybe I'll say I were the first person to master the art of levitation, maybe not, who knows? We'll see. Or I will at least, hopefully you wont, I aim at succeeding at plan a. I'm also not sure how to make concrete which lasts 20 000 years yet, if you know a way please hmu.

I'm not very good at being conventional. Understanding things is hard because I need very high detail to trust the information I have. This is because every little thing can be contradicted. Do you disagree? Yes/no? Okay, why? <- Now iterate that process over and over again while trying to learn something in realtime, it's difficult. I'm not the best at solving problems, but I'm very good at placing myself in situations where there are no problems which needs to be solved. When I've truly understood something I can do very innovative things with the knowledge, this website is hopefully proof of that. Give me a meter and I'll take a mile. Or.. whatver the saying is.

Did you skip down and start reading here since it's the last paragraph..? If you did, good on you! Effective, nice! If you didn't: thanks for showing interest and spending time both coming to my site and reading about me, I'm not entirely sure why you would, and I'd rather not speculate. Ignorance truly is bliss. Feel free to click around and look at the features i may or may not have added! Oh, and btw, type in "secret" and then press F13 for a secret!

Photos (work in progress)